My multi-dimensional work encompasses sculpture, installation, and photography to explore the emerging chasm between nature, environment, and human activities in everyday life. We seem to ignore - or perhaps we do not recognise - that nature, environment and man-kind are intricately intertwined in the same moment. To discover it, we may need to look both at the surface and at the very depths of our internal, individual interpretation.
The aim of my work is to question how we perceive nature in and through man-made structures and vice versa. I use the environment, both natural and artificial, as a key device to let the viewer’s perception fluctuate over time.
The recent works only last a moment. Seconds after, you would encounter a different perspective. The works continuously fade into a different meaning and form another one together with the audience. The involvement of the audience makes the work performing sculptures that involve the audience. At a glance, the object looks quiet but it keeps changing its internal form dynamically and the viewer's perception. Viewers activate the work and be activated by the work at the same time while they actively and/or passively move to see it.
What I create is an invitation to question and figure out what you are seeing.

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